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"the Strength of a Simple Idea"

In the folded carton industry, many of the high-speed presses punch pre-printed sheets of boxes at a rate of four sheets per second.  Immediately following the cutting process is a blanking tool that separates the box from the leftover cardboard.  Prior to 1995, companies were forced to routinely shut down their lines to maintain the blanking tools - tightening loose parts and replacing broken components.  In 1995, Blanking Systems Incorporated introduced a revolutionary blanking tool that did not require frequent routine maintenance through locking the frame of the system together with fasteners inserted into an angled channel - creating a locking mechanism that did not easily fall apart in these harshly dynamic environments.  Within just a few years, Blanking Systems' ANGLE-LOCKTM product line had successfully become the worldwide vendor of choice for blanking tools and releated equipment.

About five years ago, the idea of generalizing this concept for a different market was realized by the ownership and management teams, and they began working diligently on re-engineering the ANGLE-LOCKTM concept for the modular structural aluminum framing system market,  Today, after years of engineering, testing, and perfecting, we are excited and eager to share with you the many benefits and advantages of building your projects with Controlled Dynamics' newly patented Vortex ConnectionTM aluminum framing system!

                                              ...the Strength of a Simple Idea... 

Our Team
Our Team